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Our Legacy

Alfred Hall III was a man who loved God and devoted himself to daily devotion, service, and striving for a purposeful life directed by the Word of God. This dedicated husband, father, and brother lived his life on Earth in service to his community. Alfred was a deacon and Sunday school teacher for more than 15 years. Many may have known him from his more than 30 years of customer service with Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Alfred Hall III believed that education was the key to success. He made a life’s work of encouraging the next generation to set their sights beyond the glass ceilings of the past by means of higher education.

And lastly, Alfred Hall III was a businessman, an entrepreneur, and a leader in his community. He took great care to practice in honesty and hard work. He offered affordable housing to his community of West Shreveport. He also mentored young families on the path to home ownership.

The efforts of this foundation will be to continue the legacy that he began in his lifetime.


Alfred Hall III

Our Future…


This foundation with be giving thousands of dollars to deserving high school students striving for higher education. One day soon we hope to organize, operate and support a community center that will promote constructive after school programs, Christian education fellowships, and adult learning seminars focusing on accounting, computer skills development and executive management/leadership.

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