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OUR Mission

The Alfred Hall III Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated to uplift the principles by which a great man lived:








Alfred Hall III was a man who loved God and devoted himself to daily devotion, service, and striving for a purposeful life directed by the Word of God. He was committed to serving his community. Likewise, the foundation promotes community service and provides relief for families in economic hardship.


Alfred Hall III believed that education was the key to success. He made a life’s work of encouraging the next generation to set their sights beyond the glass ceilings of the past by means of higher education. Our foundation is a charitable organization formed by the offspring of Alfred Hall to distribute scholarship to deserving high school students and fund community programs for educational purposes (i.e. adult computer courses, parenting classes)


Alfred Hall III was a leader in the community and a businessman. He believed as an entrepreneur he had a duty to practice in honesty, customer service, and hard work. As a part of our mission, we strive to offer leadership training and business development to others who seek to take the path to entrepreneurship.

Seminars: Writing your business plan, Applying for grants and SBA loans, Re-Branding

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